Saturday, July 5, 2008

To the airport again~

This time its to Terminal 2 so that the kiddos can see the aeroplanes

We had late lunch at Swenson's where me n son shared a plate of fried omelet with mushroom n cheese. Oh we have a scoop of ice cream with half a slice of banana too~ yummy~ Its been a while since I last ate ice cream.

We took the skytrain to T3 to buy shoes for Little DinoEgg as I noticed that he was walking on tip toes. Felt his shoes and realised its a bit tight (last week there were still a small allowance wor~), Jessie says theres a Colettee shop in T3 so off we go. Saw this pair of shoes and immediately fell in love with it but was hesitating coz not sure whether its easy to match clothes. After going through in my mind the colors of Little DinoEgg's wardrobe, I decided to buy it as it can match with most of his clothes. I put the new shoes on for Little DinoEgg and he also immediately love it, went to the mirror and kept jumping up n down laughing. I decided to let him continue to wear it since his current shoes makes walking difficult.

This pair of Colettee shoes cost $32.90 but with AMEX comes 10% discount and a $5 Colettee voucher, so I paid $29.61 for it, worth it right?

The kiddos were excited to see the aeroplanes take off and lands, 3 of them shouted loudly especially Little DinoEgg. He points at the plane n shout "eh-plane~ eh-plane!!" While auntie Gina accompanies the 3 of them, me n Jessie sit at the chair relaxing, shaking legs n chat. Then we heard a loud "G-O-N-G!" followed by Zenson's wailing. Seems like he was walking backwards and did not see the metal barrier at the floor, tripped n fell backwards thus hitting his head on the window *heartpain* He cried so loudly but was pacified within minutes with biscuits; his favorite...

Then I guess it was due to the lack of naps today, Little DinoEgg started to act up. I have to punish him by sending him to stand at a corner. He was crying with tears and everything but quieten down after I told him to keep quiet. He knows better to obey me hehe~ After explaining to him what he had done wrong, we hugged n kissed n off we go.

Left the airport around 5pm, taking the bus home. However 1/2 way through I thought I call sis to have dinner together. Alighted at Tampines and took a cab to her place. Had a yucky noodle while Little DinoEgg had a yummy fish soup rice. Reach home at around 7.30pm, bath, milk milk then both of us knocked out at around 8.30pm.... So super tired!

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