Wednesday, July 16, 2008

#2 Pneumococcal Jab

Finally Little DinoEgg got to get his #2 pneumococcal jab, daddy called to reserve his dose this morning and in the evening brought him to the clinic.

Daddy says he was a good boy, when he saw the receptionist he kept shout "jie-jie HI~" n when he saw Dr Sharon he said "Hello Doctor~" with his small wave n his charming smile. Aaawwww... Dr Sharon's heart just melt hahaha~

This little fella must be thinking its just a simple check up by Dr Sharon, little that he knows its going to be a painful one... He screamed very loudly when Dr Sharon poke the needle into his left thigh, Dr Sharon has to distract n pacify him with a sweet. Usually you will think kids will ignore the person (in this case the Doctor) who caused them pain (in this case the jab) but not Little DinoEgg. When its time to leave he even gave Dr Sharon a hug and kiss, aawwww~~ Dr Sharon's heart melted again~

BTW Dr Sharon checked Little DinoEgg's lung and gave him a clear sign. Couple of weeks ago he was coughing badly n it escalated into bronchitis within 2-3 days :( With strong doses of antibiotics n some cough medicine, he was ok within a week. Dr Sharon was afraid that this has caused some damages to his lungs, BUT upon checking today, seems like Little DinoEgg has recovered fully with no damages done (except maybe the damages in Daddy n Mummy's pocket haha~)

Anyway, he went to Granny's house a happy kid. Why? Coz he got his sweet and another Pneumo sticker book.

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