Saturday, July 19, 2008

Potluck Gathering

We finally got our potluck gathering after a few unsucessful attempts *so happy* But too bad The Chua family is unable to join us :( Hope Bel get well soon, Amy& family too, all of them were down with flu and cough *hugz*

Did not managed to take picture of the yummy food but we have pig's stomach soup, kway chap, roast chicken, char siew, indian rojak, grilled chicken wings, ice cream, drinks and most importantly a birthday cake~~

Today's food must be very yummy coz we cooked one potful of rice and ITS NOT ENOUGH!!! This is the first time rice is not enough woohoo~~ Oh ya and Willie's kway chap is sssaaaaddduuuppppp~~~ So can we list it as standing order for all our future potluck gatherings??? *slurp slurp*
Oh Audrey's Twinkle came for a short visit before and at the end of the dinner. The kiddos were so excited to see her and her at them. She was happily dashing around the house exploring. She isvery obedient too, when Audrey command her to sit & stay she sat on the spot quietly, didn't mover her butt.

Its Amanda's birthday and Rebecaa wanted to give her a surprise BUT she din tell us; the HOST *duhz* No wonder me & Daniel was wondering dinner potluck bring cake?? hehhehe~ Amanda was clearly surprise and can see she is very happy :)

Yesterday we have new "member"; its Alex & Amanda and Jane's hubby Yi Feng. Next time must join our gathering more often ok.

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