Saturday, July 26, 2008

Ajisen Ramen

This afternoon went to post office to pick up a parcel, took Little DinoEgg along as I know the parcel is not big n bulky.

After queuing for like ages n Little DinoEgg throwing tantrums at the post office, I finally got my parcel, we proceed to Compass Point to haunt for food. We headed straight to Ajisen as this is the only place where its not crowded plus the food is yummy. Got seated at a 2-person table n plop Little DinoEgg on the high chair.

I decided to order 1 bowl of ramen n both of share it coz the last time I ordered a kids ramen meal for him, ended up I have to finish half his bowl of ramen.

The Ramen Kids Meal

I order the fried tofu which our all time favourite and 1 bowl of beef raman. Would have ordered my favourite volcano ramen but as its spicy so have to drop that. Anyway the beef ramen tastes yummy too.

Fried Tofu *yummy*

Spicy Volcano~ *Breath Fire*

Little DinoEgg likes to ramen very much. He would use his hands to pick up the noodle instead of using the spoon. He loves to stuff his mouth full of ramen then slowly chew n savor the sweetness of the soup+noodle. Though it messy; with his oily fingers n hand, but to eat with a spoon is no difference too. Coz the spoon is so small, noodles long; even though I cut it shorter but still too long to fit the spoon & if I cut any short then it will be bits n pieces of noodle which will not taste nice. He will put his mouth to the bowl n scope the noodle into it, most of the time will mis-aim n noodles fall onto the table, waste of food, worst right?

Anyway, so there we were, enjoying our bowl of ramen, filling our hungry stomach :)

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