Saturday, July 26, 2008

Get up please

We were lazing on the sofa in the afternoon, Little DinoEgg was busying himself with all his toys. Then he walked up to us, start pulling daddy's hand then say "Get up. Daddy Get up~" then he pull my hand and say "Mummy get up too pls~" We were wondering what is going on so we stood up. He then lead us to his 3 chairs which he had placed it in front of each other in a line like a choo-choo train.

He goes to the 1st chair and say "Daddy sit here", pat pat the 2nd chair and say "Mummy sit here", which of course we obliged. Then he pointed to the 3rd chair and say "Ah Zheng sit here"

After every one has seated, Little DinoEgg started to say "MOTORCYCLE~~!!!" then do the poo-poo-poo sound hehehehe~ He tried pushing us but we were too heavy and he ended up pushing his own chair backwards. He do not want to give up, got up his chair push my chair with all his might hehehehe~

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