Monday, July 21, 2008

Down with flu and cough again

Little DinoEgg started to have little bit of running nose on Saturday and a little cough joins the little flu on Sun. It escalate to a serious cough n sneezes with mucus flying out of the nose. It went on to turn bad till he was waking up every 10-15mins crying as his nose is blicked and he cannot breathe. We did not catch a wink too :( Afraid that the bronchitis returns, I decided to bring him to see Dr Sharon.

When I told him in granny's house that we are going to find Dr Sharon, he got so excited, keep nodding his head and cannot wait to get out of the house. All the way to Dr Sharon's clinic and all through the waiting time he was repeating "I want see Dr Sharon", like a broken record... I have to threaten him with the nottie corner just to shut him up as he was getting louder n louder.

He was so excited but when he sees Dr Sharon he gone all quiet n shy *duhz* After Dr Sharon finishes examine him, he was in his cheerful self again, starts showing his cheeky smile etc while sitting on my lap.

Dr Sharon says there are whizzing sound in his lung :( Bronchitis coming back? Well, I believe with Dr Sharon's medicine Little DinoEgg will be well again in no time. So 1 bottle of medicine for the phelgm, 1 bottle of medicine for the cough and 1 bottle of medicine to ease his airway.

And of course, he got his sweet again.

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