Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Whats that spikey thing?

We reached Granny's house, Little DinoEgg walked in and straight to the kitchen searching for Granny. Granny was in the toilet, I helped him out of his shoes, turned to have a word with Granny n Little DinoEgg wondered off.

Amongst the dark corner beside the fridge, he found something. Couldn't see it clearly but that does not stop him from reaching out and touch it.

His hands shrunk back as soon as it touches the thing n came running to me, hugging my thigh so tight.

I took a peek and saw its DURIANS~ Little DinoEgg was shocked by the spikey durian. I bring him closer to the durian, switch on the light so that he can see it clearly. I made formal introduction to both of them hehehe~ Told him its DURIAN, no need to be scared, its just a fruit. He saw it, acknowledge it and clearly does not want to have anything to do with it coz he ran away hahaha~

Throughout the rest of the night, Granny took out the durian a few times n urge Little Dinoegg to touch it. He is still scared... keep saying "Scared scared... dun want 摸~ *aka touch*" and pat pat his chest.

Granny gave up after that....

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