Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Excuse me~ Wats tt You are Saying?

In the food court, daddy feeding Little DinoEgg;

"Pa-pa, see~ many people"

In the lift after dinner, we were the 1st few to walked into the lift. As more people walked in, we moved to the back;

"Oh~~ many people~"

At home during 1 of the week end. Little DinoEgg was pointing to something n trying to tell me about it;

"mummy~" *then look at me with his big round eyes*
"Yes darling"
"see! F**K" *I was shocked*
Look at him, eyes wide n stunned "wat? say again baby"
"f**K, see mummy f**k"

Ok, i am VERY SURE that he is not saying the F word coz he was pointing to something up in the ceiling though I have NO IDEA what he is pointing at...

At home playing with his toys...
Being a boy, he tends to be very rough, will definately use the toy to bang the floor or table...

"pa-pa~" *show daddy the toy fire engine with its ladder detached from the vehicle*
"pa-pa, fer-engine faulty, help pls~"

On bus to school on one morning.
I think some part of the bus need oiling coz its making such a din whenever it moves off.


"MUMMY!" *points to the front of the bus*
"Yes darling?"
"Bus noisy!" *then covers his ears*

The above may not seems surprise to some but to us it is as we are not sure whether it is normal for a 23mths old boy to say such words (Ok except for the F word ya heheh~), just thought I share with you pple *grinz*

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