Saturday, August 2, 2008

Birthday BASH Planning - Part 4

After meeting up a fren to pass her some stuffs, we headed to Polar to order Little DinoEgg's birthday cake for his party this weekend. WOAH~ the 2kg cake cost a whopping $85. Luckily I have $40 vouchers *phew* so it only cost us $45.

We went back to the cafe at the library (keep forgetting its name) to have the same Ocean catch thing. This time Little DinoEgg was not very cooperative. Had a few mouthful of fish+macaroni n he started to be cranky. He cried so loud that the librarian have to come up and check us out then gave me a warning look and a shushed finger *duhz* Ok ok Mr Librarian its my son's nap time n he is still up so dun get so worked up ya?

I let Little DinoEgg sat on my lap and pat him to sleep, so while he sleeps I quickly gobble down the remaining fish n macaroni... Took a cab n fly back home.

When we reached home, I saw a big rectangle carton at the doorway hehe~ Its the birthday goodie stuffs~ YEAH!! I was so afraid that it did not come in time then I will be doomed! Little DinoEgg's party WITHOUT goodie bags! What a disaster right?


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