Saturday, August 2, 2008

Roast Feast

We had a roast feast dinner... look like alot?? No-no, not at all~ just nice for us hehehe~

Little DinoEgg saw the cakes and was super happy~ clapping and laughing when we all sang the birthday song. Han was extremely happy too coz she got to blow out the candles~ Too bad I did not managed to get a picture of her happy face. When its time to blow candles, the kids tried their best to blow its kinda difficult when u are smiling n blowing at the same time. Takes them quiet a while to get just TWO candles extinguished hehehe~

I wanna eat cake~

Little DinoEgg was impatient and wanted to sink his teeth into the yummy cakes, he couldn't wait for us to cut up and distribute the cake... keep telling daddy he wanna eat cake...

The durian cake is truly yummy, even Little DinoEgg enjoyed it, he showed his "nice thumb" all the while when chomping down the cake. *THANKS SISTAs for the yummy cakes*

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