Monday, July 28, 2008

See Dr Sharon again

Yupe... its a trip to Dr Sharon's coz Little DinoEgg has finished his phlegm medicine and still alot of phlegm stuck in his throat.

Was talking to Eunice in MSN coz she was asking about Dr Sharon after reading about her in my blog. She would like to bring her ger to see her coz Reiko has been coughing on off n her medicine does not seems to be working. So we agreed to meet up at Dr Sharon's.

This is the first time I am going there so early... 7pm... and the clinic was not open. So we stood outside the clinic and chit-chat, about 715pm the nurse came n we all went in. A while later Dr Sharon walked into the clinic n Little DinoEgg look at her n say "Dr Sharon Dr Sharon..." but she did not hear him ^.^

Eunice & Reiko went in first, then its our turn. I told Dr Sharon that he is still having cough n phlegm n the cough syrup is too yucky for him to eat... every day must fight with him n force him to take tt. Dr Sharaon says no choice have to give anti-biotics WHICH Little DinoEgg loveeess~ so much, called it Banana as it has a nice flavor. Not sure if its banana flavor but my guess is its vanilla as i smell this when I put it near to my nose.

After listening to Little DinoEgg's lungs, Dr Sharon is satisfied as there were no phlegm in them. As I was getting ready to go, Little DinoEgg (sitting on my lap) stared at the sweet container on Dr Sharon's table n say "Sweet Sweet~" *faintz* Dr Sharon has to give him 1 sweet. Of course he gave Dr Sharon a kiss on the cheeks and a hug, she was so happy and say "ok lah, you better leave otherwise I will have to kidnap you" hehehhee~

We came out and Eunice is still there waiting for Reiko's med, we bid good-bye after they got their med. Little DinoEgg burst out crying when we were exchanging good-byes n jump up n down crying when they walk out of the door. He always have this habit of crying when seeing his frens leave before him, even in school also the same... dunno wat to do with him...

Later that night, no more fighting with him to take the med coz the cough syrup is cherry flavor~ AND of coz have to use Banana to coax him abit.

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