Monday, July 28, 2008

Mummy, pui pui pls~

Little DinoEgg is still being bugged by the cough accompanied with lotsa phlegm. Recently whenever I heard him phlegmy cough I will ask him if he wanna pui pui aka spit out the phlegm. If he nods his head I will put a tissue at his mouth n he will spit.

Sometimes its only saliva, sometimes can see a little bit of yellow phlegm. Now when he cough sometimes he will say "Mummy, pui pui pls~" To prevent this from getting into a habit; have or dun have phlegm he also insist on spitting it out, most of the time I will say No-No. He did not protest too, so i guess its fake, just wanna "play" only.

This morning I have written in his child care communication book about this and asked his teacher to look out for this. Also to make sure he dun start spitting on his hands, the floor or worse his classmates. Hope I wun get any complains on this *keeping fingers crossed*

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