Sunday, July 27, 2008

A short trip to library

Went out this evening as I need to pass some thing to a friend staying nearby, took Little DinoEgg with me. Decided to stop by library to return his books and maybe borrow some back, though not sure what time library closes.

We took a slow train ride to Compassvale and a slow walk to my friend's house, then train ride back to Compass Point. Was contemplating where to eat dinner, n was heading to Yoshinoya when suddenly I remember this little cafe inside the library. Maybe just have something there the walk over to the books section after that.

Ordered an Ocean something Dowry with macaroni to share with Little DinoEgg, came out it look ok but taste yummy. Little DinoEgg finishes 3/4 of the meal~ wow~ and poor me, only ate 1/4 of it hehehe~

Anyway, Little DinoEgg took forever to finish his meal that I have to hurry him when I heard the announcement saying that library. But you know, its so difficult to hurry a kid when they are eating. I tell him to "hurry hurry~" he treat it that I am playing with him and start making funny faces.

Ended up we have like 10mins to chose books, queue to borrow it n out... Managed to grabbed 3 books and Little DinoEgg took 1 Farm Animals book at random which he refuse to put it back to the shelf. Asked him if he wanna borrow that book and he nodded his head n look at me with his big round eyes. So we when home with 4 books in my bag *grinz*

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