Friday, August 15, 2008

New Kid on the block

That day while celebrating birthday at Little DinoEgg's school, I noticed a new boy in his class; Andrew...

He is taller then Little DinoEgg by 1 head, looks older then him but that can be deceiving due to his height. Noticed that this Andrew does not talk alot, in his own little world, dun follow instruction too. According to Teacher Gina, Andrew joined early Aug'08.

Upon my observation, I gather that Andrew may have been taken care by some relative; thus "home bound". I saw him hitting Clara out of nothing; Clara was standing at the table minding her own business, this Andrew jus came up, look around then smack Clara's head real hard. Clara being Clara definitely cannot take it, so started a war of smacking head, face, arms etc till Teacher Gina stepped in. And I confirm+guarantee that he will have clashes with Little DinoEgg.

True enough, when I fetch him earlier, I asked Teacher Gina and she say "YES!", and as Little DinoEgg is able to express himself better then the rest of his classmates he will say;

"Teacher, Andrew pinch me!"
"Teacher, Andrew beat me!"
"Teacher, Andrew... ... ...

Hey Andrew, watch it ok! If I find any bruises or scratches contributed by you on my dear son, you are going to hear from me!

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