Saturday, August 16, 2008

Whats that you say again?

Brought Little DinoEgg to the library again after meeting up with a friend.

We were are the kiddy's reading area. Let me roughly describe the layout. There are 4 kiddy size round tables and chairs at the entrance to the reading area; 3 tables with attached benches inside and marbled seat built around a big round pillar.

I was sitting on the marbled seat, Little DinoEgg was walking around, choosing books from the low shelves. He passed me a book to read to him, then he suddenly point to the pillar and say "Mummy~ see! BEAM!" *Me surprised* Ok ok he got it wrong, it should be PILLAR instead of BEAM, but how does a 2yr old knows this word and connect it with the actual thing?

Later that day, at home, he did it again. This time he pointed to the beam in the house and say "Mummy! Beam!"

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