Saturday, September 13, 2008

Gong Gong came to visit?

Was lying down on Mum's bed with Little DinoEgg while he drinks his milk. He was giggling then he said "Naughty Gong-gong"

"??!!!???... who naughty baby?"
"Gong-gong naughty"
"Baby, where is Gong-gong?"
"There~~"*points to the wardrobe direction*
"... ... ... Ok, drink your milk milk ya?"

Then I tried to distract him, asking him other things, 3 times I asked him "Where is Gong-gong?" and 3 times he pointed to the same direction. I asked him what is gong-gong doing but he did not tell me.

So... did Gong-gong came to visit his grandson???

I told Simon, after discussing we decided not to let Mum know...

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