Sunday, October 26, 2008

Fun at Sentosa

We had a great time at Sentosa today~ Almost did not make it coz Little DinoEgg was acting up again! After his nap I want him to bath he say NO, ok fine, dun bath change clothes NO... this NO that NO... I told him then we cannot go Sentosa and he screamed "I WANTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!" till i was so fed up tt I told him we are not going anymore, immediately text Bec to say we are not going! Well as usual he cry n scream... I ignored him for half an hour or so... then asked him again if he still wants to go, of course an eager YES from him, so off we went to take a bath n change clothes.

We took a cab and meet up Amy, Romi, Manfred, Bec, Andy and Amber at St James Powerhouse, then all climb into Romi's car and off we went into Sentosa~ The entrance fee is $2 per adult and per car, kids under 3 yrs old is FOC. We headed off to Palawan Beach but got kinda lost, everyone think its THIS way or THAT way to Palawan Beach but ended up we going up n down the slope hehehehe~ Finally we are here and we headed off to the sand.

This is the 1st time Little DinoEgg sets foot on a beach, initially he does not know wat to make of it. As we walk nearer to the water, the sand got softer so every step he takes he sinks in a little bit. He got scared but i urge him on... Soon he was squatting down (he does not want to sit down on the sand, not sure why, maybe he sees me squatting n follows suit) playing with his beach toys.

While he is very contented with playing with the sand, he sees Amber and Manfred waddling in the sea~ Especially Amber who dare to go into the water till its level is at her knee!! Brave Ger! After a while, Little DinoEgg decides to venture near the water but he insist on holding my hand while walking carefully down. When the wave rushes in he got scared and try to run away but got stuck coz he sort of sank into the sand n he dare not move wahaaha~ You should see his expression!!

After the beach n sea we headed off for dinner then to LUGE~ The rest played but not us coz I was dead tired... no energy to ride the car, too much excitement...

We head off to the Song of Sea~ which was very interesting. The kids were waving, clapping n dancing along with the few villagers, they go waaa~~ oooo~~ when the laser sea horse, fish and a octopus look-a-like thing came out. Little DinoEgg was excited when Oscar comes out. All went well till the start of the story... with all the BANG! CRASH! BOMB! going on....

Amber and Little DinoEgg got a shock when the fire came BOMBING out of the sudden

After tt its "Mummy I wanna go out" from Amber and Little DinoEgg covering his eyes either with his hands or with my hands. I try to encourage him to watch the show by enticing him with the "wow~ u see tt nice light~/green snake in the sky (which is the laser pattern)~/Oscar Oscar~~" This timid boy is scared but still wants to see, so he watch the show through my fingers hahahah~ The brave one is Manfred, though he got scared before the start of the show by something which he fail to tell us but he sat there enjoying the whole show, not like the 2 younger ones.

We did not take pictures at the Song of Sea, but I got 2 pictures from Sentosa website

Pretty right~

The fire works at the end of the show

Romi sent us home *Thanks Amy & Romi~*, did not know its already 10pm till we reach home and see the time at the clock. Quickly bath Little DinoEgg, give him milk and send him to bed. I was dead tired myself too.

Fun time~ should go again~ This time wanna try the LUGE!

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