Monday, October 27, 2008

Potty Training - Going Full Force

Last week I bought anolther 3 briefs for Little DinoEgg, thinking maybe its time to start potty training.... some time in the near future. Well, since today he was up n running around so early, I'd thought I start it today.

Within the last 1 n a half hour, he pee into 7 briefs and 7 shorts... Regardless the numerous times I told him "Pee-pee tell mummy, we go toilet pee, or if wanna poo tell mummy too, we go toilet poo ok?" plus I reminded him to say "Pee-pee toilet".... Never mind, its only the 1st day, so still a long way to go...

PS : While I was finishing the last sentence, even though I have been asking Little DinoEgg whether he wanna pee for the last 10mins, he still pee... on the sofa this time -_-

***************** AFTERNOON *******************************

"Baby, wanna pee??"
*shakes head*
"Wanna poo??"

Aiyo, he is getting frustrated n tired of the repeated question....

BUT there are improvements~ I managed to get him to take off his pants n sit on the toilet bowl to pee, even though my intention was to let him sit there to poo. He has not poo since this morning, which is unusual as he always poo twice; once in the morning n once either in the afternoon or at night. Anyway, I sat in front of him saying "uuummmmmmm....~" so much tt I have the intention to go myself instead *faintz* Little DinoEgg jus sat there and laugh at my funny expression, ended up he pee and proudly tell me "see mummy, I pee in the toilet bowl~" Regardless~ I still applause and praise him alot.

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