Monday, October 27, 2008

Potluck @ Amy's

Yupe, been a while since we had a gathering at some one's humble house. Actually we planned to have a dim sum lunch at Mirama but decided to go to Amy's house instead. It was suppose to start at 12pm but we were late as Little DinoEgg had a late nap, he was still sleeping at 1.30pm so I have to wake him instead. Well as expected, I was met with the most uncooperative child in the WHOLE UNIVERSE! NO to everything! Not even bathing, just sit on the sofa n sulk....

Despite some strong protest, I striped him off his clothes n diaper then off for a quick shower. Still protesting, I managed to put on his clothes n diaper, chase him out of the room and to the front door to wear his shoes. Even then he still fights me, insisting on wearing the sandals when I already put on the socks for him. Screaming n crying, I put on his SKR shoes, but the minute FIL open the door, he jumps up n dash out of the house smiling and laughing. What a MONSTER!

Every one was already there when we reach Amy's house. I quickly put some food on a plate n feed this little rascal coz he did not eat much things in the morning. Everything went well, he had his lunch n I had mine. Then I hang around, walk here n there, R&R, watching abit of tt yucky Teletubby. Little DinoEgg found the Tickle Me Elmo and has been hugging it since. He's really an Elmo fan hee~ Even dun allow anyone to touch it, selfish boy...

Then he acted up again! Threw his temper n scream n cry, I got so fed up tt I threw him outside Amy's house for full 2mins. He kept screaming n crying but I ignore him. What leads to this is, he was sitting on my lap with tt Elmo toy n wanted to play with 2 Thomas trains, but all these toys are quite bulky n clearly its too much for his hands to handle, I asked him nicely to take the Elmo n only ONE train but he refuse, started to raise his voice saying NO! Asked him to stop shouting he dun listen... so out he goes! After I reasoned with him, he apologised n we hugged hugged.

Then we celebrated Amber's birthday too~ Bec did not tell me about it so I did not prepare any present or ang bao for Amber :( Amber of course was really happy to see the cake n sing the birthday song. Little DinoEgg enjoy the cake too, realised that he is a cake lover.

We stayed for a while then headed home. Took a cab to Compass Point, was telling Little DinoEgg that I will buy him an Elmo toy IF we can find it. Yupe, I was filling a little bit guilty of what happened earlier... Anyway he was very excited, we headed to Mini Toons but they dun have Elmo plushie, only bloster. The nice sales assistant ask me to try Action City which is few shops down the lane. Off we go to Action City and we did find Elmo~ However I saw Cookie Monster and thought I'd introduce him to Little DinoEgg since he only see picture of this only. Surprisingly he hugged tt Cookie Monster plushie and refuse to let go. I asked him a few times he wants Cookie Monster or Elmo, each time he says Cookie Monster.

So we went home with one blue Cookie Monster n a very happy little boy.

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