Sunday, October 12, 2008

Ryan's Birthday Party~

Yupe~ its been such along time since we meet up with Diana, Randy and their kiddos~ Finally we have a chance, on Ryan's birthday~ Amy+Romi gave us a ride to the "OMG! So-far-away-chalet" *THANKS~ AMY & ROMI~*

We had such a good time~ See the pictures (which i stole from others haha~ I forgot to bring camera lah hee~)

Anyway today Little DinoEgg went into the baby pool, of course initially screaming n crying, keep wanting me to hold his hands etc, he still cannot forget the episode on Megan's birthday. However since he say cousin Han n cousin Farn in the water playing he also follow suit thou he make sure he is never 1 arm length away from me.

I also have to "roped" in Amy who is taking the video, make him splash water at her so that he can see how fun water can be.

I actually managed to make him lie down on his tummy in the water to kick the water n play with it but later he was in a slightly deeper part, slipped n drank a mouthful of water, after tt he will not let his face near the water again.

Little Demi is one daring ger... she keeps dashing into the water regardless of the endless time all of us try to pull her back n rescued her when she slipped n fell face down into the water, a few times she could not get herself surfaced... When we grabbed her, she was gasping for air BUT that did not stop her a bit!

We were in the water for quite a while, then its bath time n food time~ Of course plus bubbles time~ Diana prepared those bottled bubbles for the kids to play and the older kids blew the bubbles while the younger ones go crazy chasing after them. Weird how come no one takes photo of the bubbles time???

After food we R&R by the pool side; hmm... except for Bec n Andy, coz Amber keep wanting to go into the pool... fulled clothed! heheeh~ guess she loves to swim alot~ How i wish Little DinoEgg is like her.

We hitched a ride home in Adeline+Willie's car *THANKS ADELINE & WILLIE* We had a fun time sitting behind with little Kayton singing to the children song that was playing from the CD.

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