Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Who is Issac??

For the pass two days, whenever I was at the void deck going to fetch Little DinoEgg, I will see a little ger. When she sees me she will say "Issac go home~ Issac go home~~"

Initially I did not take notice of it, coz its near the child care centre and a lot of the kids goes there and they have friends all over the block. And the kids have a habit of saying "XXX go home" when they see their friend's daddy or mummy coming to fetch them.

It then striked me today that maybe the litle ger was referring to Little DinoEgg, coz I looked at the little ger just now and she smiled at me like saying "I know u are Issac's mummy, I am clever right?". Then I think back n really his name sure sound like Issac :P

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