Thursday, November 27, 2008

Caught the stomach flu

It started with a cough on Sun morning 5am+ then in the morning it was mild fever with a bit of diarrhea. So its house bound that day. Next Monday norning he seems to be ok, just some cough so I sent Little DinoEgg to school.

2pm+ school called me, said he vomitted twice within 30mins; 1st time was due to coughing, 2nd time he just threw up after his milk. He dirtied all the clothes I pack to school. I have to go down and fetch him home. When I reached school, I couldn't see him, Teacher Habsa have to go into Teacher Sue's room to fetch him. He was in the school uniform which was way too big for him. He look so comical but I dun have the mood to laff. Little DinoEgg was looking so sad n weak :(

Took him to see Dr Ivan Ong as Dr Sharon's clinic was close for the afternoon. Dr Ivan prescribed him some cough n clear airway medicine. That night he has no appetite, only had half a bowl of mee suah. Later tt night I gave him a bottle of vitagen which is good for his upset stomach. He was happily drinking and like always he wanted to throw the empty bottle away. On his way back from the kitchen he threw up... all the vitagen n mee suah! What a mess! He was very scared and upset so he cried n cried, he didn't know what is happening to him~ poor boy...

That nite he was sleeping then then he woke up n vomitted out his milk. Then he went back to sleep but we have to clean up the mess. A while later he starts to cough n couldn't get back to sleep. As he is disturbing daddy, I have to get him to sleep on the matress in the living room. He waited his milk and I gave him, only about 180ml as I was afraid he will throw up, lucky he din. He went back to sleep after the milk. I follow him too... and decided to take the day off so tt I can take care of him.

At 7am+ Tuesday morning, he woke up, 1st thing he did was to throw out the milk he had earlier :( Its off to Dr Ivan Ong's later that morning, he was not around, the relieve Dr gave him the anti-vomitting n clear stomach wind medicine. The rest of the day was a daze coz the anti-vomit medicine causes drowsiniess. Little DinoEgg falls asleep shortly after the medicine. One thing good is, he still wanna sit on the toilet bowl to poo though it was watery poo. And he did not have bad diarrhea, just about 4 times since Sunday and it is not alot, only a teeny weeny bit.

I din sleep a wink last nite so I bought Little DinoEgg to Granny's house so tt I can zzz abit while she takes care of him. Who knows ended up I could only sleep abt an hour before he starts making noise n woke me up. He vomitted once tt night while eating his porridge, cough n threw everything up.

Ytd sent him to Granny's house, tt night Granny told me he din cough or complain tummy pain etc. However he did have diarrhea once n it over flow the diaper. That day no vomitting too *phew*

I thot he was recovering so today sent him to school. Who knows afternoon 4pm+ Teacher Sue called me, says Little DinoEgg vomitted again, both triggered by coughing... no clothes to change... I have no choice but to ask Granny to fetch him home :( I went to Granny's house to find him playing happily with Granny, but later while he was having his porridge he cough n vomited again...

*sigh* Now I am so paranoid of him coughing... Eveytime he cough I will tell him to stop immediately otherwise he will vomit n smell so stinko. Hopefully he gets well soon... He has lost some weight, can see tt he has slimmed down as he has not been eating well, maybe half a bowl of plain noodle or porridge.

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