Saturday, November 29, 2008

Sesame Street Musical Show

Though Little DinoEgg is still feeling a little bit unwell, I decided to bring him to watch Sesame Street Musical at Marina Square. I thought it may cheer him up a little. I even let him wear his Elmo tee :)

We are going with our new fren Auntie Enry and her 4yr old boy Francis. We were supposed to meet at 1 of the restaurant at CentreStage for lunch but she got lost. However, its becoz of this she managed to see a queue at the stage where people are collecting pass for a photo shoot later at the end of the show~ weee~~~ Lucky her~ And she is nice enough to ask me n Little DinoEgg to join them *THANKS ENRY*

The musical is really fun, we were late and thought we couldn't get into the area; it was fenced off, but we managed to get in and were lucky to get a side front seat~ Cool! The boys were abit bored with the lady who speaks so much n asked them to do so much action to a song. But when Elmo comes out, all the kids; including the 2 boys were jumping up n down! Little DinoEgg even turned around and point to his tee n say "Mummy see~ Elmo Elmo~" They were so mesmerized when Elmo sing and dance. And when Bert, Ernie & Cookie Monster comes out, Little DinoEgg was shouting "Cookie Monster!" excitedly. I was surprise he can recognise Bert and Ernie coz he was not exposed to them much; he has Elmo CDs, plush toys and Cookie Monster plush toys.

After the musical show, we went for some afternoon snack. There Little DinoEgg and Francis run around n play. Oh and Little DinoEgg pushed, shouted "GO AWAY!", boxed n beat Francis *faintz* Francis is so nice, always giving way to this little rascal! And HE TURNED A DEAF EAR TO MY SCOLDING! Wouldn't even apologise to Francis when I asked him to, so I made him hugged him instead. Even with all these fighting, when he does not see Kor-kor Francise he will keep asking me "Where kor kor? Where kor kor?", when I say he went home, he gave me a sad face and say "I want kor-kor~~~!"

And you know wat? I think he had too much fun today, he had dream and was shouting "kor-kor!" in his dreamland haha~ still playing catching with Francis ^.^

Everyone (except me) are distracted by the Sesame St characters haha~

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