Friday, November 14, 2008

I did it in the bowl~

Its Daddy & Son bonding time again~ While mummy goes out with girl friends hahaha~

Daddy text me to tell me that Little DinoEgg poop using the toilet bowl, YIPPEEEE!!!! This little fella is such a show off! For the pass weeks I tried to ask him to poo in the toilet bowl but he doesn't wanna do it. When he is with daddy he just wanna show him he can do it. Daddy says he pooped alot too...

Regardless, show off or not, we are really glad that he is finally willing to do it in the bowl.

After he came out of the toilet, his business all done, he went to Grandpa n say "Ye-ye, I ng-ng in the toilet~" then tells daddy n on n on n on... so proud with himself.

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