Saturday, November 15, 2008

MPH Warehouse sale

I went to the sale thinking that I may not be able to get any books. In my mind, books warehouse sale means all the old n yellowish books will be put out for a cheap sale. How wrong was I! Not only there are a good variety of books, 98% of them are in good conditions plus some of them are still in the shrink wrap!
I managed to grabbed a few of my favourite author's latest novel all in good conditions. I think my best buy is Marley & Me, not only it was selling @ SGD10, it was still in shrink wrap~~ I saw the book at TIMES few months ago and though it was having sale, this book still cost SGD20+
However there were not alot of books for 2yrs old. Only managed to get 6 books for Little DinoEgg. There were some Eric Carle's books too but you really have to dig n find. I found his Do You Want To Be My Friend and decided to get it since Little DinoEgg is an Eric Carle's fan. I found another book 12 Little Ducks but it was going for SGD12 plus the *Press Me* was not working. After lugging it around for 2 hours I decided to let that book go. It would have been a good buy if the *Press Me* works... Too bad....

My favourite author

Few good books

For Little DinoEgg

Though its a warehouse sale, there were not a lot of people. I was expecting elbow to elbow snatching of books but I could walk around the whole hall without having to show some angry face, shove my wat around etc. While browsing, I keep hearing people saying things like "Dun buy lah~ Look at the QUEUE!!!" Seems like the queue is preventing them from buying some good quality books at amazing price. Nevertheless, I took 2 hours browsing and about 45mins queueing to pay for my books. I spent a total of SGD88 for the books~ But I am very happy!
Next target... Popular sale at Suntec~~

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