Sunday, November 9, 2008

Museum Workshop - Museum Toddler

Sis arranged for the two 2 yrs old to attend Musuem Toddlers, a workshop by National Museum and ToyBox Edu-Tainment.

When sis told me about it, I thot its something different and interesting to me and Little DinoEgg, so I decided give it a try. And it did not let me down~ It was filled with fun, Mark is very good in engaging the kids in the songs, actions and small talk. However the kids are not very enthusiatic... only Little DinoEgg and Cousin Han was happily singing, doing the actions, clapping n shouting "YEAH~", the rest were either too shy or dunno wat to make of this noise group wahahaha~

Here's the pictures~

The workshop started off with some play time to let the kids warm up and to wait for some parents who are late.

Then every one sat down on the mat and sing songs~ then we stood up and walk around the workshop to go to the "studio" to take "family photo". Uncle Mark put on his cameraman's hat, took out a camera and snapped some photos of the kids. And we really did have a group photos~ parents n kids~ U may find it weird but coz this is the Photo Gallery session :)

Then we proceed to the museum's photo gallery to take a look at some old old OLD antique photos... Little DinoEgg was very interested in the BIG camera, almost wanted to climb over the barrier to get close to it but lucky the step is quite high so he gave up the idea before I can stop him.

Little DinoEgg's photo frame~

It has got lesser stickers then all the other kids coz the parents sticks the stickers on the frame while I let Little DinoEgg chose what he wants n where he wants to stick them. He takes longer to decides and before we know it, its time to go back to the mat. Its ok, at least he decorates it himself :)

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