Friday, November 7, 2008

Potty Training - Extending to School

For the pass two days Little DinoEgg has been off diaper from 3pm till I fetch him from school at 7pm. Teacher Gina says he is able to tell her if he needs to go to the toilet. And then when he is at Granny's place he is still without diaper and will tell me if he wants to pee.


HOWEVER~ seems like he does not like to poo using the toilet bowl. Coz yesterday at Granny's house he showed his "I-am-pooing" expression but when I ask him if he is pooing he said NO then hurried away. I even asked him to do it in the toilet but was met with strong protest. In the end, I let him wear the diaper and he pooped on it.

Wonder why he have such strong reaction on doing it using the toilet bowl... must encourage him more often over the weekends.

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