Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Whats that you say?

While playing with his favourite bucket... yupe the one below...

He will accidentally pull the handle out. He then will try to put it back but of course he can't so he will seek my help;

"mummy, spoil... pls help fix it back."



When ever Little DinoEgg make me angry, he will say
"Mummy angry."
"Because I naughty so mummy angry."


"mummy see~ I got vitagen~"
"Because I good boy so I have vitagen~"

Recent potty training

"Baby, mummy let u wear Bob the Builder underwear, remember pee-pee must tell mummy ok?"
*nods head*
"Pee-pee go toilet, dun pee on Bob the Builder ok? Otherwise Bob the Builder will be very sad."
*nods head again*
"So pee-pee go where?"
"Pee-pee go toilet! No pee-pee on Bobthebuilder, if not Bobthebuilder so sad~ cry~" then he put his hands on his eyes n make the crying sound.

Arrhhhh~ such expression....

And that "bobthebuilder" is not my typo error, its how Little DinoEgg says his name :D

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