Thursday, December 25, 2008

I'm impressed

Found these photos in my handphone. Was out having lunch with Little DinoEgg on 21 Dec'08, we decided to go to Delifrance for a quick bite. I ordered Pommes Frites for him to munch and a Brioche Océane Sauce Mornay for both of us.

I put some fries on the napkin to cool them before letting Little DinoEgg eat them. He was munching n sort of playing with them while I enjoy my Brioche Océane Sauce Mornay, occasionally stealing glances at him to make sure he did not waste any fries by throwing them onto the floor etc. I saw him put 4 fries on the napkin to make an odd rectangle shape as the fries were of different length.

Then I heard him talk to himself... and saw these~

Talking to himself

Smoothing out the napkin

Close up look of his fries

See what he did

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