Thursday, December 25, 2008

Off to see some pony

Few weeks ago I found out about Gallop Stable @ Pasir Ris, have been wanting to take Little DinoEgg there but no chance. Since its Christmas and we have nothing on, I called them up and confirmed they are open today. So off we go to Gallop Stable in the morning, we reached there around 11pm.

There were only us and another family of 3 there, initially I dunno what to do coz 1st time there n not sure where is where. We saw the horses and Little DinoEgg was so excited~ We walked the whole stretch of the dirt road to see so many horses. Those being kept in the front roll will come up to the fence when we go near them. Then I spotted the counter where they sell the feed for the pony. So for a dollar we get a small packet of cut straw to feed the ponies.

Little DinoEgg was at first scared to go near the pony but with me holding to his hands he slowly extend his arms to let the pony eat the straw from the palm of his hand. However he got abit bored after feeding them 4-5 times... and I am left with half a packet of straws -_-" So I passed them to another boy who is feeding the pony.

We walked around the place, there was the pony ride but Little DinoEgg does not want to go on the ride, think he is scared of the pony. We went to the cafetaria and saw a black cat. According to 1 of the staff, Wobbly used to hang around at the beach area, only "moved in" here couple of months ago. Turns out that he is a well known figure at the beach, when some of the beach goers knew that he is at the Gallop Stable they came visiting regularly. Maybe its the cool weather, maybe its nearing lunch time, Wobbly doesn't wanna play even though we tried to engage some games with him.

Meet Wobbly

And as it was nearing Little DinoEgg's nap time too, we headed for home. I called fora taxi but it took half an hour to reach the place... coz the taxi uncle couldn't find the place... Turns out the operator gave him half the correct address....

Last but not least.... guess what are this pony doing??

I was wondering too... staring at the pony for a while... then I realised... pony is using the ring to scratch its foot... clever ya??

Overall it was fun though u can only stare at the horses n feed pony, plus despite the distance its a place where you can work some energy off ur kiddos. At least for me though hee~ Coz Little DinoEgg knocked out at Granny's place straight till dinner time at 6pm+.

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