Saturday, December 6, 2008

Meet Pooh & friends

We have a date~~ a date with Pooh & Friends from 100 Acres Wood!!!!

Actually arranged to meet May & her son Ervin at 1.30pm SK MRT but she called me says she was afraid we are not able get in the queue to take photo with Pooh & friends so she wanted to go there earlier, "just in case" she says. Well thats fine with me coz I was running a bit late hehehe~

I reached Taka at ard 2pm and met up with May. We chatted for a while then headed off to the side of the stage to start queueing for the photo taking. She said the CSO told her the queue starts about 1/2 hour before the show starts. And you know what, we were No 1 & No 2 in the queue hahahhaa~ Things we do for our kids...

We did a song with actions then there were some Q&A where some goodie gifts were given out to some lucky children. After all that its time to meet Pooh & friends. The kids were very excited when Pooh & friends come out~~ All jumping up n down! Shouting out P-O-O-H~~ E-E-Y-O-R-E~~~ T-I-G-G-E-RRR~~~~ They just cannot wait to get near them to take photos~~

Being No 2 in the line excites me hee~ After May & Ervin took theirs, we climbed up the steps n onto the stage. A CSO was there to help Little DinoEgg up n was leading him towards Tigger, Pooh & Eeyore. I was sort of lagging behind (hey with the big bag n trying to look prime n pose its kinda difficult ok), by the time I catch up, Little DinoEgg was already standing with the 3 100 Acres Wood friends. I held back n decided to let him take this photo alone. It will be a good way to build up his confidence n courage as he's been very clingy n sticky to me. And it was over within 15 seconds. And here is that nice photo ~^^~

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