Sunday, December 7, 2008

To the Flyer~

Wendy has got a good deal for The Flyer tickets so most of us bought through her *THANKS WENDY* And today, we are going to the Flyer with Jessie, Gina & kiddos~~ WOOHOO~~

We meet up at Jessie & gang at Cityhall MRT, actually planning to take the free shuttle service to The Flyer but we just missed it, it was so humid n sun so glaring, on top of that the kiddos are restless after waiting 15mins for the bus... SO~ we took a cab instead.

Flyer, here we come~

Reached The Flyer and took the escalator up, surprisingly there were not alot of pple; or perhaps the queue is fast n the cabin can take in alot of pple so queue moves fast. We were excited while waiting for our turn to go into the cabin but when we are in, the kiddos suddenly fell quiet... coz its the 1st time they take such a ride~ However it did not take long before Denis n Little DinoEgg move around the cabin, Zenson is still scared n wouldn't let go of auntie Gina. Well, that did not last long too, for he was distracted by the camera; wanna play with it lah, and the biscuits tt I distributed ~^^~ Within the approx 20mins ride we took photos, eat biscuits took photos n more photos. The kiddos were amazed to see so many ships as small as an ant.

"I want the camera MUMMY!!!!"

Some pictures taken by Little DinoEgg

These were taken with my help. WOW~ din know my camera is so good. Photo taken when we were way way up in the sky, I zoomed the lens till the max. Thot the photo will come out blurry but instead its quite clear. Have to change my opinion about this lousy camera haha~

After we leave The Flyer, we went to walk at the small garden at the ground floor. It sure feels good to see some greenery with water fall n koi etc. We saw a queue for sculptured balloon~~~ so we joined in too... Anyway had a very bad encounter with the stupid balloon sculptor... dun wanna talk about it... only one word STUPID!

We proceed to Marina Square for our dinner~ Couldn't decide what to eat, walked around n saw Ichiban, so we settle for it there. And guess wat? We saw Jane n Lercarde~~~ So coincident~~ This is the 2nd time I bumped into her while shopping :P She was walking around while waiting for her hubby n relatives to reach; apparently all of them are late hehehe~ so she has to wander around with Lercarde. Thank goodness she met us, then she can sit down n chat with us while waiting.

Me & Jessie couldn't decide what to order, coz we wanted to order some set meals where its enough to feed 3 adults and 3 kiddos... While we were flipping through the menu n talking to Jane, I gave Little DinoEgg a small menu to look through so that he wun bother me. After a while, he suddenly called out to me then with his arms folded n resting on the table he said "I so boring" *I blink blink my eyes* Did I hear wrongly? Nope... when I asked him to repeat, he said the same thing.... Gosh... where did he learn that...

We finally decided our food! Started attacking them when they come.. gosh didn't know we were so hungry hee~ Jane & Lecarde left shortly after the food came, her relatives finally made it to Suntec.

We were supposed to go around taking pictures of the kiddos with the xmas lighting but I guess all of us were tired... so we decided to head for home instead... PLUS the xmas deco n lightning this year is really a disappointment....

Overall; today is enjoyable. Good experience on the Flyer~

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