Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My 1st Toothbrush

We went grocery shopping, then some toothbrushes caught my attention. Since that day Nellua told me that she is using baby toothbrush instead of finger brush on little Josh, I kept thinking I should start the toothbrush on Little DinoEgg too.

Well, now its my opportunity to grabbed one for him~

Can you imagine we stood at the toothbrush section for well over 20mins choosing the toothbrush!

First he says ok to the Kodomo green one with a cute little Kodomo lion at the base of the handle, then he changed his mind, says he wanted the light blue collgate one, then its Pikachu, spiderman, Disney Princess (which of course I objected strongly haha~). Getting impatient, I "helped" him to decide... grabbed the Kodomo toothbrush and asked him again, he said yes n before he can change his mind, I threw it into the trolley and proceed down the lane.

And that is when I saw the Pooh toothbrush~ Since he like Pooh, I thought of getting this so there will be lesser chance of him rejecting the use of toothbrush. Yupe, we spent another 10mins jus choosing which color set (it was a 2 toothbrush bundle), which character. And why is it that the manufacturer cannot pack Pooh n Tigger together?!?!?!?!!! Its either Pooh with Eeyore or Tigger with Darby or Eeyore with Tigger.... I have to make Little DinoEgg choose between a pack with Tigger n a pack with Pooh *sigh* And yupe Pooh wins~ haha~ so we brought back Pooh n Eeyore~

Used the toothbrush jus now and all went well, he is accepting it. I even let him try to brush his teeth himself. Its so funny to see him do that, he was trying very hard to do the brushing stroke but he is unable to coordinate his hand to do tt. Well, with much practice I am sure he will master the skill soon.

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