Friday, December 12, 2008

The day has come~

YES! Its the studio photo shoot day! We have to be at The Studio Loft at 10am~ but then we were slightly late; coz the taxi driver lets us alight at South Bridge road instead of Eu Ton Sen side...

In the cab on way down to The Studio Loft

While Maryann got ready, I took the opportunity to play with Little DinoEgg at the shooting area, just so he will not get too frighten or anything. He was treating it as a fun n game time, running around, when the actual photo shoot starts, he did it in a happy mood. He was able to listen to Maryann's instruction, thou need me to prompt him to look at the camera instead of some other corners/toys. When its our turn to join him, I was perspiring all over due to the numerous big action I have to do to catch his attention.

The 1hour session went by real fast, when we see our photos, there were hundreds of them; not sure the exact numbers though. We short listed 30+ photos and have to further pick out 6 photos. All of them were so well taken! We pick n choose, choose n pick, finally settled with 8, have to pay for the extra 2 pieces, but its well worth it.

Maryann definitely did a wonderful job~ out of so many photos, I am sure there were only a handful which are not good, but not due to her skill, its more of the weird facial expressions, all eyes looking at different directions etc.

Thanks for the beautiful photographs Maryann~

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