Friday, December 12, 2008

Barney Show

After our photo shoot and a short meet up with Koon Meng, we headed down to Plaza Singapura to catch Barney!

And as we know, Barney is very popular and well like by many children, it was expected to be a very crowded show. Sure enough, it was a FULL HOUSE! And there is still a queue. Oh we bumped into Alice n Kaydie (Not sure of the correct spelling thou... so Alice dun kill me if I got it wrong har) who is queuing in front of us.

Waiting patiently in queue

We finally managed to get near to the fence, the sitting area is so crowded that those who came later, only kids are allowed to go in. Alice n Kaydie were standing behind the fence, she was kind enough to suggest letting Little DinoEgg stays with her. However, knowing him, he will not want. So I tried to squeeze my way to where Alice is standing n encourage Little DinoEgg to join her n Kaydie, at least he can see from there.

It was still early for the show to start so after standing for a while, he came looking for me and wanting me to carry him, start his tantrum n tears. I tried persuading him to go back but not successful. In a fit of anger I told him we shall go home NOW, that sets him running back to Alice haha~ However after a while he came running back to me again, this time the "Lets go home" trick did not work... Daddy was there and he decided to carry his precious little egg.

Soon the show starts~ and all the children went berserk when Barney comes out! Even though daddy is carrying Little DinoEgg, he is still stretching his neck to see, so daddy decided to let him sit on his shoulder.

It was very clear that Little DinoEgg is tired... Look at his bored face n tired eyes!

Barney show was... abit boring I think hahah~ not becoz I am anti-Barney but really, cannot hear what they say clearly. Maybe I was tired too, maybe its tt stupid ah ma standing beside me, pushing me just so she can stand closer to the person in front so tt she can keep an eye on her grand daughters. Allo ah ma! U maid with ur grand daughter so whats ur problem!

After the show, we went up food court together with Alice+Hubby+Kaydie for some lunch. It was really pass Little DinoEgg's nap time, he was acting up as usual. We headed home straight after lunch, all 3 of us kongs off till dinner time.

PS : I took ALOT of photos but when I try to find them in the SD card, there were gone! Not sure if I have downloaded them to the laptop *sigh* waste my effort....

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