Sunday, December 14, 2008

Photo Taking with Mickey & Minnie

We are going for the 3.30pm show, meeting May & Ervin at the airport. It was drizzling so I decided to leave the house slightly early, took a cab down. Reached T3 around 1.45pm, found the place where the photo taking is suppose to be at. Overheard that the queue starts 30mins before the photo taking time, we have about 45mins to kill so we walked around. Went to Times and bought 1 Barney book n 1 set of ladybird book for Little DinoEgg. He only wants the Barney n took the ladybird book from me to put back into the shelf -_-" but I insist! Spent a total of $20+ (after Times membership discount).

Went over to Sweet Secrets for some snacks *yum yum* Walked over to Colette, wanna see if they have nice shoes for Little DinoEgg but not a pair caught my eye. Walked back to the photo taking place n saw a LONG LONG queue already! And its only 2.20pm!!! Gosh all these KS parents! Without 2nd thought we joined the queue too and immediately made a call to May who was already at T3 but trying to find her way here.

After queuing for a while the organisor came out n spoke into the mic which we totally cannot hear what she was saying. I decided to go up ahead n check it out. You cannot imagine what kind of reactions I get from the parents who were queuing nearing the start of the line and those crowding around the area! I said "excuse me" before cutting them in front or squeezing thru them but I still get daggers stares from them! GOSH! My mission failed... so May decided to give it a try, after receiving daggers stares she came back, but she managed to find out. Seems that due to overwhelming respond, they will have a 2nd session for the 3.30pm. She also managed to find out that we are in the 2nd 3.30pm session, wonder how she did it manz! Those behind us are queuing for the 5.30pm & 7.30pm session! GOSH and its only 3.15pm in the afternoon! Are they going to stand in the queue for the next 2 or 4 hours???

When it was our turn to go up, I ask Little DinoEgg if he can go up alone n take picture with Mickey n Minnie, he said ok. Ok with me staying behind too. This is the 2nd time he goes up the stage to take photo by himself~

Mickey, Minnie & ME!

Wow I tell u, this Minnie can really pose! I was observing them, she has at least 6 different poses, all very lady like n pretty. The person acting as Minnie is really into the character. Thumbs up for her!

I was there!

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