Friday, January 2, 2009

1st day at Nursery

Today is Little DinoEgg's 1st day Nursery class~

When I fetch him, the first thing he says to me is "Mummy, I big kor-kor!" then flash his super big grin, so proud of himself. And all the way to Granny's house he keep repeating "I big kor-kor" "Mummy, I big kor-kor".

Since he is in such a good mood, plus Teacher Violet says he's a good boy today I decided to let him play at the playground.

BTW, his N1 teacher is now Teacher Violet and Teacher Habsar. I am ok with Teacher Habsar but skeptical about Teacher Violet... She does not seems to be a good teacher to me, abit blur and sometimes when I sneaked up the window in the evening I caught her interacting with the kids, which I dun approve totally. Let's see how things goes by and whether I need to do something to it.

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