Sunday, January 4, 2009

Quack Quack~ Here we come!

We are going for the DuckTour today! I called up yesterday to make a reservation at the 11am tour, ooo~ so exciting... I have wanted to bring Little DinoEgg to this tour as it should be an interested "outing" for him.

We got out of the house with daddy to take the train to Dhoby Ghaut MRT n change bus to Suntec City Convention Hall.

Little DinoEgg & Daddy

We were supposed to reach half an hour before the tour start to collect our tickets but we ran behind time coz the bus came late, we only reached at 10.45am, but its ok, still can collect out tickets.

When its 5 mins before 11am, we gathered in front of the ticket counter n proceed to board the Duck.

Orleans DUCK

We went through Suntec then proceed to dip into the sea at the Marina Park. The ride into the water was sensational and exciting, I would have taken a photo of the entrance but it was too bumpy, dun wanna risk dropping my camera OR myself into the water though. We went "swimming" in the Singapore River to see the Sheares Bridge, Marina Barage, IR Marina construction, Espladae, Floating stage, Merlion then back the way we came. We went pass a few dragon boats who were out there practicing their skill, they even waved to us~ After we went back to land, we took a tour at the Padang then back to Suntec.

It was an eye opening tour where we view the various buildings from different view and angle. It was a different experience for Little DinoEgg too~ He was excited with the tour but was so escalated tt he shouted "Mummy! See excavator!" "Mummy another ORANGE excavator!!!" "Mummy see see! Green excavator" and once he said "Mummy! Concrete mixer!" when we were near the bridge....

These 2 signs were on board of DUCK, noticed the words tt says "NO YAWNING IS ALLOWED"??

Well, Little DinoEgg yawned....


OOppsss... lucky no fine was imposed hehehe~ However his yawning is not becoz the tour is boring, but he was tired n its his nap time... he woke up at 7.30am this morning.

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I've survived the DUCK

After our duck tour, we had lunch at Food Republic where we shared a plate of Hokkien prawn noodle. This is the 1st time Little DinoEgg taste this n he loves it, especially the prawns. We headed off to do some shopping; need to get a pair of pants for Little DinoEgg for the upcoming CNY. Could not find anything that fancy me, we walked around Toyrus where he enjoyed a game of kicking balls, pressing all the musical toys, playing hide n seek with me.

Headed for Granny's home around 2pm for our nap... so tired...

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