Monday, January 5, 2009

The Day I... ...

caned n scold Little DinoEgg non stop for full 1 minute!

Went to fetch him from school and there was a slight drizzle. We walked to Granny's house, he saw the playground and tell me he wanna go. I said No as its raining, will let him go tomorrow if its not raining. He did not listen, shake off my hand n ran to the playground. Started to climb the steps to the slide, told him to come back, shout at him to come back, threaten him saying that I am leaving to make him come back... all fell to deaf ears....

I hide at one corner to see if he will be scared and look for me. NO! The lure from the slide is so strong tt he kept going up n sliding down going up n sliding down. Once, just only once he stopped n look around to see if I am around, when he can't see me, he did not bother, its back to the slide again... it was still drizzling...

There was another older boy; about 8-9 yrs old who joined him a while later, so he played with this boy. Climbing up n down, sliding down the slide etc. I waited a full ten minutes before I went to get him. He was on the monkey bar steps, the minute he sees my face he got scared and cried out saying he cannot get down from the steps. I removed him from it and walked away, him running behind me crying out loud.

The minute I enter Granny's house, I went for the cane. They were hard firm strokes which reflects the anger I felt inside me. Granny quickly rushed up to protect her precious grand son, but she knows better to stop me, so she just walked away. After I am done with him, I told her what happened and she reprimanded Little DinoEgg too.

I was so boiling mad that I could not get myself to face or talk to this little rascal!

As if I am not angry enough, when we reached home he got naughty again. Asked him to take off his sandals, he dragged n dragged then lay down on the floor like a floor mat. That earn him 2 whacks from me!

Grandma saw the cane marks and asked what happened, so I told her the story. She kept quiet, then suddenly blurt out "if children are mischievous, they are very smart." So means what? She trying to console me that Little DinoEgg is smart? Or his mischievous n misbehavior is acceptable?

And to add to these unhappiness, when I was in Little DinoEgg changing his diaper n pj, I heard Grandma complained to Grandpa in their room saying that I always cane/punish my son... Win lor! If I dun discipline him who will? If he strays when he is older who is going to suffer? ITS ME!

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