Wednesday, January 7, 2009

2 different characters

Received a call from Teacher Sue telling me that Little DinoEgg

Then she took this chance to asked me about the cane marks all over his hands n legs. I told her I did that n proceed to tell her the reason. She told me that he is very well behaved in class n school. For exammple, if he wants something which it is not allowed the teachers will tell him nicely n clamly he can't have it, he will stop his protest n listen to them. He will listen to their instruction etc.

She tell me further that the school always let the kids go to the playground outside to have some fresh air n sunshine. However its been quite a while since their last visit to the playground due to the weather. The kids were requesting to go to the playground but was turned down. Therefore perhaps due to this when he sees the playground he just forgot about everything n made a bee line to it. Regardless, as its raining he should listen to me right?

I told Teacher Sue that he is totally different at home. The more i tell him not to do certain things the more he wants to do it. I have used calm tone, firm voice, even some reasoning but all falls to deaf ears. As a result I have to threaten with cane or some forceful actions. Even when I reasoned with him in a calm n relaxed tone, he will nod his head, say OK OK to everything I tell him, next minute he will throw tantrum again.

Maybe in school it is more of a group activities, every one does the same thing with no special treatment or requests given. Thus he is willing to

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