Monday, January 26, 2009

1st day of CNY

Woke up at 10am+ by Little DinoEgg's complain (see previous post), laze around, watch TV n munch CNY cookies. Then around 1plus we started to get ready to Granny's house for CNY visiting.

By time we reached Granny's house it was around 2pm, thought we are late but surprisingly we were the 1st one to arrive~ Even bro n SIL was not at home *duhz*

After a while Bro+family came, little Megan has grown taller but still as shy as ever. A while later Sis+family arrived~ We R&R while the kids mingle n play together. I thot I can have a peaceful time but NOOO~ Little DinoEgg start his nonsense again. I guess its his nap time n he is being cranky n grouchy. He keeps on pestering daddy, small issue he whine n cry. I was still thinking can let him drag a bit then go home to sleep to his heart's content, but I cannot stand his whinning any longer so dragged him into Granny's room n throw him on the bed. At first he protested, says he does not want to sleep but I will have no such nonsense from him. Insist he close his eyes n sleep. 10mins later he is in his dreamland n its peace again *phew*

While he zzz we hang around n chit chat while watching tv n munching the CNY goodies. An hour later we wake Little DinoEgg up coz we need to go home, 7th auntie+family is at our house.

We reached home and found Grandma, Grandpa, 7th auntie & 7th uncle playing mahjong; did not know 7th uncle knows how to play *hmmmm*
Well, since we are at home, more relaxing n comfy. Played abit of mahjong, feed Little DinoEgg his dinner, had my dinner, bath n before we knew it, its night time and 7th Auntie+family went home. After some quiet time its time for bed~ This year's CNY is quiet n relax for us, no more rushing around visiting relatives house as some of them went overseas during the CNY.

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