Tuesday, January 27, 2009

2nd day of CNY

Actually planned to go Istana as its open for public but Daddy was not feeling well so we stayed home instead. I was abit disappointed coz I think Little DinoEgg will enjoy the trip.

Anyway, niece Ivy told us 2 weeks ago to go to their house for a gathering. Was thinking we wun be able to go since Daddy is not feeling well. Have already planned for a day at home but Daddy told us to go ahead without him. Since its been quite some time I have last seen my cousins n nieces, I decided to go.

Reached Cousin Hun's house n met up with so many of them~ Everyone is happy n delighted to see Little DinoEgg, the last time they say him was during his 2nd birthday. And since then he has grown up n change so much. Little DinoEgg was happy to see everyone, especially the dogs~ He sat down quietly for his plate of bee hoon n fish n chicken etc, after that he went wild with the dogs! He kept chasing them, wanting to pat them, touch them n play with them. But too bad only Bu-ta wants to entertain him, the rest just run far far away when they sees him. Too noisy n rough for their liking.

Finally get to meet Hiraku~ He is ssssssssooooooooooooo adorable! I think he is 7mths old (I forgot), chubby face, cutest smile n adorale eyes~ Carried him for a while, played with him, then he started to protest :( So have to return him to his daddy.

Well it was a fun night except for some incidents. There was this 7yrs old boy who also like the dogs, he kept chasing the dogs too n he was really rough when patting them, sometimes even pulling their fur. Little DinoEgg warned him not to do that or the dogs will bite him The boy probably thinks that he is very brave (being 7yrs old n Mr Know-it-All) n touching Belle, a Golden Retriever, he think he is invincible. He kept telling Little DinoEgg that the dogs will not bite him, but being a 2yr old and concern Little DinoEgg kept giving him the warning. And that boy use his fingers and flick his left ear! Just becoz he could not get Little DinoEgg to see his point. Little DinoEgg was very shocked n came running to me for comfort! The boy got a scolding from Cousin Hun who saw what he did. After being scolded the boy was extremely not happy, stood there n declare loudly that Little DinoEgg was wrong to say that the dogs will bite him. I was already not happy that he hit my precious son, when he started to rant I shouted loudly "enough is enough, if u are still not happy, come and talk to me!" The rude boy heard me n gave me a hard stare, I stare at him back n he glared back and me, of course I did not back down and look at him in the eyes. He turned and seek refuge at his mum. I told Little DinoEgg not to play with that boy any more.

Luckily Little DinoEgg was not very bothered, he was back to his bubbly self again in a short while, chasing after the dogs again *LOL*

As for the boy, my eyes are glued at him, if he comes near my precious he is going to get it from me!

I had a fun time; eating n chatting, catching up with the kiddos... *sigh* so fast, all grown up, some getting married soon. Went into Ivy's room where she is trying to make Hiraku sleep, but with me n Little DinoEgg in the room, he will not have a chance to sleep hehe~ We had a long chat about baby care, job, work, family life, future plans etc etc. Finally made a move when Hiraku n Little DinoEgg kept yawning n Little DinoEgg said he is tired and wanted to go home.

We left Cousin Hun's house at close to 10pm. Good food, good company, plus I even packed back the yummy bee hoon, curry n soup for Daddy.

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