Saturday, January 17, 2009

Dinner @ PS

I left Little DinoEgg with Granny as I am meeting up with Wan Huan this evening for dinner, otherwise she will be heading home for the Chinese New Year. Thought of bringing Little DinoEgg along but we are meeting at 6pm, dun think he will be in his best behaviour as he will be too tired after all those "exercise" at ToyBox.

We met up at PS first as both of us have no idea what to have for dinner. We stood on the 2nd level, leaning on the railing, looking up n down hoping to find some inspiration. Then I remembered a restaurant on the 5th storey; The Fish Manhattan Market~ We made our way up and was shown to our table immediately.

We were so hungry that we basically look at the pictures in the menu to order our food. Here's what we ordered;

Seafood Platter for two

Fried Country Mushroom

Sizzing Louisiana Prawn

The food did not disappoint us, all very tasty n the seafood is very fresh. We both agree that Sizzling Louisiana Prawns is the best. However if its only 2 ladies eating together, I suggest your order the seafood platter for two plus 1 side dish or a soup. There are some yummy rice underneath all those seafood, it will definately fill ur stomach.

We were so fulled that we could hardly walk. As the restaurant is quiet noisy plus we were sitting outside the kitchen, you can imagine the din created inside there. We decided to go for an after-dinner coffee at Starbucks.

We spent an hour plus talking, gossiping, updating each other's life. So much things to talk n yet so little time. Soon it was 9pm, time to head back home to fetch Little DinoEgg n let Granny have a rest.

Thanks for the dinner n coffee Ms Wan~~ Hope to see u again after u are back~~

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