Saturday, January 17, 2009

A session @ ToyBox

I first had encounter with The ToyBox was when we went for the Museum for Toddlers - Photograph Gallery in Nov'08. I find that they way they conducted the class was very interesting so I got their contact through the Museum for Toddlers lady in charge. Made contact with Reuben and arranged for a free trial today @ 1.30pm. I had initially wanted to go for the 2 to 3 yrs old class but it was full so Reuben thought to let Little DinoEgg try out the older class to see if he can catch up with it.

Its the 1st class of the term, surprisingly there are only 2 other kids; 1 here for trial too n 1 is "promoted" from the younger class. 2 girls and 1 boy... 1 VERY mischievous boy!

Class started with playing with some toy musical instruments as the Uncle Rueben & Uncle Mark get all the stuffs ready. 10mins later the kids were told to keep the musical instruments into the box n to put the 2 boxes away. 1 of the girl wanted to keep the same box as Little DinoEgg but this naughty boy protest loudly n try to pry her fingers off!!!! GOSH!!!! Just started n showed bad behavior... ...

The class proceed with singing a song which tells the rest your name. Then its some songs with actions and/or pretendence. There was a part where the kids were suppose to pretend they are a prehistoric dinosaurs; a long neck (1 arm is the n the other arm stretch over the head), a T-rex (put 2 hands infront of u like making a mouse, open feet wide n stomp around) n a flying dinosaurs (as usual stretch ur arms out as the wings). I must say Uncle Reuben's pretendence n his facial expression really look like them. We used some instruments to make some noise to the beat of the song.

Overall it was a fun hour, the kids jump, run, hop, fly, stomp n dance around the studio. I joined in too though not sure whether parents are required to join in or not. Anyway only me n another mummy joined in, the other mummy just sat at the side n watch. I think if I were to continue with this I will slim down haha~

Anyway I decided to go for the 2 to 3 yrs old claas next week @ 9am, as there were times Little DinoEgg did not really join in the rest or could not understand what he is required to do.

I like the ToyBox alot. It teaches something like any other music n dance class but I feel that this is better. I have been to others and the fun level is not as much. There are lesser props as compare to the others, which means u need to use more of ur imagination. I should think the younger age class will be almost the same as this class. Chances of sending Little DinoEgg there will be high.

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