Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Its not raining~

Fetched Little DinoEgg and headed back to Granny's place. Walked pass the same playground.

Little DinoEgg "Mummy, can go playground?"
*was thinking about it, n before I can reply him...*

Little DinoEgg "Its not raining, so can go playground ya?"
Me "... ... ..."
*dunno to laugh or what*

Of course I nodded my head n allow him to go crazy on the slide. Best part is, his classmate Wei Feng n his brother Wei Hao joined him. All 3 of them went crazy climbing up the steps n sliding down the slide or playing catch-me-if-u-can on the structure. All this while, we mummies just stood one side n chit chat but kept a watchful eye on these monkeys lest they fall or push each other.

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