Friday, January 16, 2009

Day of the CNY Photo shoot

YEAH! Today is the day! We are all ready to go out of the house at 9.30am, I estimate we should be able to reach the place at around 10am. We just got out of the lift when I received a call fm sis saying that she will be late :( So I decided to take a train down instead. So Little DinoEgg n me together with my big bag n a bag of loots for Noel, took a train n slowly rock to Chinatown station.

We reached The Studio Loft at 10.35am.... sis is not here yet. Quickly register our names as there are already 3-4 families in front of us. The place is actually very cosy but with too many pple inside its kinda crowded, so me n Little DinoEgg went outside n waited at the stair case.

Of course, photos must be taken at any time any where haha~

At the stairway

Here comes the ladies~

First I say cheese~

And then you say cheese~

We waited for about 45mins for our turn. I was in the midst of changing Little DinoEgg into the CNY outfit as I thought there was some one else in front of us. I quickly changed him n put him in front of the camera. The shoot did not go very well, I think its becoz there were too many pple inside, too much noise n commotion. He got distracted. Even his poses are ridget, smile look fake. And when I tell him to say "Cheese" he always show the "YEAH" sign =.=

Then its time for Han to join in the shoot. She did not have a good start too. She was suddenly camera shy. 2 of them were not at the same wave line too. While Little DinoEgg smile, Han frown, while Han smile so sweetly, Little DinoEgg was either monkeying around or eyes were looking some where else. Sis gave up n took the photos with Han coz she keep wanting her to carry. Han's photoshoot was thus cut short.

Anyway, we were not expecting some good photos but we were surprised hehehe~ A few came out nice. Still waiting for them to email the photos to me :) Will post up when I get them.

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