Friday, January 16, 2009

Shopping Shopping!

Me n sis met up Noel for lunch as I need to pass her some stuffs, then we went shopping at OG. Sis wanted to look around to see if she can buy some CNY clothes for Han. We hung around in OG looking through the clothes n letting the kids play with the toys at the toys department. We sort of shop around aimlessly while sis decides whether she wants to buy that nice little dress for Han. In the end, she bought it as there are 20% discount for AMEX card ^^

We are the leggings-lover duo~

Do we look alike?

Daddy is off today and decided to go down to buy a new laptop. So off we went all the way to IMM hehehe~

Took these photos while daddy went smoking, leaving me n Little DinoEgg alone.

Little DinoEgg's concept of these machines is that they are only there for photo taking. He has seen other kids sat in it with the machine moving n songs coming out of it but he has never asked me to deposit coins into them to "make them move".

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