Saturday, January 10, 2009

Lunch Date at Ichiban Boshi

I received a surprise call from my ex colleague Yang from Malaysia office ytd afternoon~ I have changed my handphone number and only a couple of them. He said he tried my old number and could't get through, this time he asked another colleague who happens to have my new number.

Anyway he wanted to meet up for lunch and I said OK~ Its been a long time since we last see each other. I told him to ask the others to come along too if he wants, I'll be bringing Little DinoEgg along. He is excited to see him.... later then I realised the reason... he got married a year ago to another colleague n she is expecting~~~ Now he is anxious to become a father~

We arranged to meet up at 12.30pm at Ichiban Boshi restaurant but so happen we saw each other at Somerset MRT. Little DinoEgg took to him almost immediately. He allowed Yang to carry him after the initial "Hello Uncle~", even allowed Yang to carry him all the way to the restaurant! So surprised! As Little DinoEgg does not usually allow that.

When we reached the restaurant, Liang was already in the restaurant waiting for us. We quickly settle down n order the food as all of us were very hungry. They order some sushi, a fried chicken with egg, beef. I initially wanted to order kids meal for Little DinoEgg but saw that they order so much food which Little DinoEgg can eat too so I only request for an additional rice for him.

We had an enjoyable lunch, catching things up and of course things about babies stuffs heheh~ Liang's girl is already 15 month old and getting more active n expressive. So fast~ the last time I see him, he was just newly married n no plans yet for kids hehehe~

We parted after lunch, both of them have to go back office for meeting... ya on a Saturday afternoon... which is perfectly normal in that company.... Lucky thing I am out of it...

Crimson Tide

Oh I love the drink I ordered, Crimson Tide, very refreshing n with a taste of ribena. I even let Little DinoEgg drink a little bit.

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