Saturday, January 10, 2009

To find daddy again~

Since we are in town, I decided to head down to find Daddy since its near. Once there, he kept a look out for all those Drop-in-a-coin-n-I-will-move machines. He will run to one n climbed in himself, starting turning the wheels n pressing all the buttons. Then when I finally walk up to him slowly he will shout "Mummy take photo!" excitedly.

We finally made it to daddy's work place n he went around charming everyone~ He got a Cow piggy bank n a water bottle from daddy's colleagues, of course he exchanged them with his hugs and kisses....

We left about half an hour later coz its passed Little DinoEgg's nap n he badly needs one. We bid goodbye to daddy and head off to Granny's house.

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