Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Still having the heat

Little DinoEgg still have the fever. Got to know from his teacher that there are a few of his classmates who are having fever or just have fever for the pass week. So, its viral infection...

He is ok during the day but when the wee hours comes, the temperature will soar as high as 39deg. It went down after I gave him nurefen, which I will follow up the paracetamol, these control his temperature.

I took 2 days MC from Dr Sharon to take care of Little DinoEgg and also to rest *huh* as I am also sick, but then most of the time I am taking care of him. Being sick, he is getting cranky n unreasonable. For the pass 2 days his favourite

- question "Where is Pa-pa?"
- demand "I want Pa-pa to come back!"
- answer "I dun want!"
- soft buddy; MyCow

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